Welcome to Paviljoen Malieveld

Since 1941, Paviljoen Malieveld has been located at the Malieveld in The Hague and is well-known, both in the city of The Hague and beyond, for its delicious poffertjes, pancakes and Traditional Dutch waffles. You will find more than 20 different types of pancakes on our menu, as well as many other combinations that can be prepared by our chef at your request.


Our pavilion is also very suitable for a light lunch or an extended coffee moment. Due to its capacity of 170 seats, large groups are also welcome. Making reservations in advance is, of course, highly desirable. During nice weather, our terrace is ready for you to enjoy a snack or a drink outside. Notwithstanding, our pavilion is surrounded by glass walls so that you can enjoy a ray of sunshine even on somewhat cooler days.


Paviljoen Malieveld is easily accessible both by public transport and by car and has its own parking space. Not only do we bake our poffertjes and Traditional Dutch waffles in our pavilion, but we also prepare them during various festivities in our mobile poffertjes stalls. We can also make your party or activity an extra festive event.

Our Menu

Paviljoen Malieveld is proud to present the most surprisingly delicious dishes and you can also savour this pride. All of our artisanal dishes are always prepared with love and attention. Whether you choose a portion of traditional Dutch poffertjes or a Waldkorn sandwich with warm goat cheese, a classic salad sandwich or even a tender steak with mushrooms, it is our challenge to surprise you in the positive sense. We can also prepare our dishes lactose-free and gluten-free, if desired. While reading through our menu, we want to leave you with many tasty thoughts.


View our full menu here

Colouring picture

Sometimes our colouring chef gets completely lost. Suddenly our strawberries are blue and our faces are green. The sky is pink and our, normally golden-yellow, pancakes are suddenly orange!


At such moments, to help the colouring chef remember how everything should be, we ask you to help him by colouring this picture as nicely as possible. Whenever the colouring chef loses his marbles again, we can show him your coloured picture! Our colouring chef will surely be very grateful to you!


Download our colouring picture